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A brand consistent in its image is more likely to be better positioned in front of its audience and increase its income, so having established guidelines for the visual identity of your brand is very important. Still, there are companies that can enhance this potential with a Australia Mobile Number Database corporate branding manual that supports their image to increase brand awareness, trust, and customer loyalty. In addition, this visual brand influences your Australia Mobile Number Database and communication campaigns and also the perception of your products and services!

Your company's brand manual is the style guide and specific guidelines that define the identity of your brand in external and internal communications. Having this resource is vital for the visual presentation of what your company is and sells, which shows a tone and expresses a unique personality and identity, which strengthens your image with your clients.

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No matter the size of your company or business, you will always communicate and sell through your image. In addition to expressing an identity in different Australia Mobile Number Database elements, so this visual communication must be constant and telling of your brand. So for any project of your brand in which your image is involved, having your brand manual will save you work and will keep your visual proposal always clear!

Read on to learn how to create a complete brand manual, what elements to have, and much more!

How do I start creating my brand manual?
This project is the result of a joint team effort in which the leaders of the company and the graphic designer in charge agree on ideas and on what is expected of a Australia Mobile Number Database final proposal. Both the vision of your company, as well as the professionalism and knowledge of a designer, are key to having a professional and impactful proposal. Thus, the following are some steps for a structured creative process that leads to obtaining the best result:

1. Explore ideas and analyze the competition
Even if you are clear about some guidelines that will be used in your corporate brand manual or if this is not the case, it does not hurt at first to review the brand manuals of other companies and thus understand the concepts that your competitors use. to project your identity and attract the attention of your audience.

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Identify the most key competitors, and analyze in detail their type of branding and how they position it in front of buyers. An audit report can help you collect Australia Mobile Number Database information and is one of the starting points that will help you in creating a competitive differentiation, which will also show you opportunities for your brand within the sector.

Pro tip: Through an audit on the branding of other brands, you can collect visual resources on social networks for example, and thus understand how they use typographic and color guidelines, among others. But also, as is the staging in the photographs and images in its different channels, so you will be able to identify the voice of the brand, how strong it is and what weak points it may have.
Competition audit brand manual

2. Define the identity and voice of your brand
This is where you define what elements make the visual Australia Mobile Number Database image of your brand unique. Although it may already be defined, there is still a process of guidelines and styles to define in this brand manual. It is common for companies to be clear about their objectives regarding their brand image, but it is also important to always keep in mind why the company does what it does and its philosophy, to print this voice in each communication.

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