5-Day Instructor-led MuleSoft Training for Developers

At Peredom, we provide a 5-day instructor-led MuleSoft course for developers to enable IT professionals to become MuleSoft experts in only 5 days.

The course will also help IT professionals pass the MuleSoft Developer 1 Exam and is available as a private instructor-led course with amazing rates.

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3-Day Instructor-led MuleSoft Training for Architects

At Peredom we offer a 3-day instructor-led MuleSoft training for architects.

Over the course of this program, we will coach an IT professional to become a MuleSoft architect. 

IT professionals who enroll in this training are coached by one of our MuleSoft professionals to help you design your own MuleSoft solution or set up a C4E (Center for Enablement).

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