MuleSoft for CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and Directors

$8,999 – $19,999

IT professionals and architects are not the only ones who need to learn MuleSoft better. CIOs and Directors also have to accustom themselves to this software!That’s why we’re glad to offer you one of our products, MuleSoft for CIOs and Directors.

Under this offer, you will be coached by one of our C-level experts in MuleSoft regarding how to optimize your return on a MuleSoft investment, as well as risks, issues, and opportunities.

Once you avail this offer, you will:

Understand MuleSoft better.
Recover from an existing crowded MuleSoft API portfolio
Accurately estimate or reduce the number of cores
Determine if MuleSoft is the right tool for your organization.
Understand how to achieve business agility using MuleSoft’s vision for API Management
Discover the secrets behind decreasing integration costs by creating an application network that is flexible and reusable.
Learn how to achieve API reusability.
Be able to set the direction for the organization that will yield the best outcome using MuleSoft.

This offer is available for a duration of 5 hours, 15 hours, or 20 hours of coaching.

Pricing information is as follows:
5 hour program – $8,999
15 hour program – $17,999
20 hour program – $19,999

Plus, it’s renewable! If you feel like you need to spend more hours learning more about MuleSoft, just let us know and we’ll be happy to renew the offer.