What is Peredom?

On any given day, the demand for API integration talent far exceeds the pool of qualified individuals.

What if you could work in an environment where you could pursue your passion in IT and work on the projects that interest you the most, while being fairly compensated for your efforts?

Welcome to Peredom. We’re not a traditional consulting firm, at least not like any you’ve come across before. Peredom is a highly selective community of independent MuleSoft and integration consultants who are passionate about problem solving and providing companies with open source solutions.

In addition to providing you access to top clients willing to pay top dollar for your services, Peredom offers its consultants continuous support from the community through continued training through Mule Learning, weekly study groups, and peer support to review their work.

Join the Peredom Community and work with the best MuleSoft professionals, on the most interesting projects, while maximizing your earnings.

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"Tim Hanline's help and support have changed my life; he placed me in the most prestigious job of my life, which has afforded me stability and confidence like never before."

-Weston Lanpher

“I was looking for a Mulesoft mentor and I happened to stumble upon Tim’s profile, it was a start of a new beginning in my career. After our call, I joined Peredom, a company Tim started for Mulesoft Consultants. He worked hard increasing my brand. I worked as a contractor for a multi-billion dollar company and I was a guest speaker at an Atlanta Mulesoft MeetUp. This was just the start. Since that day I not only found a mentor, I also found a friend and a partner.”

- Ahmad Tuffaha